Community Pride

Since 1979 – Our community, our club.

Connecting the locals of Kurnell through community events, sports and recreation activities.

​Our club was built and operates under six key pillars:

Community – creating support networks for individuals, families, groups and businesses to enhance community well-being.

Support of Charities – supporting schools, sports club, community groups and community members in times of need.

Sports and Sporting Facilities – offering sporting facilities for the physical health and well-being of members and our community.

Community Sports and Recreational Activities – provide a range of sports and recreational opportunities to build and maintain a connected and active community

Hospitality – have a family friendly atmosphere we everyone feels welcome.

Family-friendly Entertainment – we endeavour to provide entertainment for all ages.

Local Employment – employing people from the Sutherland Shire, the club is dedicated to creating a workplace that is efficient and happy, where people want to come to work.


Our Vision

To create a family friendly heart of the Kurnell peninsula, where community events, entertainment, sport and recreational activities co-existent.

Our Mission

To support our members and our community to be the best they can be.

Our Values

To be a community space where all feel welcomed, respected and safe.

Notice of Annual General Meeting

All financial members are warmly invited to the: AGM of The Kurnell Community Sports and Recreation Club. Any updates or notices will be posted here. 

Community Events:

Kurnell Bake Off


2022- Isla Lawson

Kurnell Pit Master


2021- David Palmano

2022- Cameron Plumb

The Kurnell Cup 

Cup Winners:

2020- John Flewin & Alex Sloane

2021- Rose & Justin Cavdarovski 

2023- Scott Donaghy & Robert White

The Kurnell Cup 

Plate Winners: 

2020- Josh Thompson & Luke McCormack

2021- Alex Wylie & Ryan Hay 

2023- Troy Bovill & Damien Xavier

Our Partners